Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hanis Haizi and Maisarah Ibrahim on Capital TV


I am so happy when I heard about my direct CDMs appeared on Capital TV last Friday.. Memang speechless sangat because this year so many medias started to know GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia) From majalah demi majalah, from wawancara to another wawancara, from tv channel to another channel.. People started to talk about GLAM. I am so glad to be in the team..

So lets check it out..!!!

On the same day.. CDM Adibah Karimah from GLAM appeared in Utusan Malaysia sempena Hari Ibu sebagai Ibu Contoh.. This is miracle and unbelivable.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. More and more achievement, bukti dan juga results semakin banyak menunjukan business bersama Hai-O ini bukan lah busines sehari dua.. This is the business yang kita buat from Day 1 until the end. Tak sama macam business lain yang hanya muncul sebulan dua kemudian hilang.. We can differenciate with our own eye right??